My attention to detail really varies depending on the project so last year when I built myself a wooden swift from some DIY instructions I found online it was no surprise that my swift wobbled and squeaked. It worked but it had issues. It didn’t spin smoothly enough to not drag on yarn so whenever I wound skeins into yarn cakes I would do it twice to release some of the stress on the yarn. I have no idea if that even mattered but in my mind if I knit with stretched out yarn my gauge would really get funky once it was washed. 

A few weeks ago I showed my Dad a picture of a vertical skeinwinder that I liked and asked him if he could make me one. I am way too cheap to pay $150 for one. I had finally gotten fed-up of the tilting and squeaking, nevermind the fact that whenever I wanted to wind hand-spun into skeins I would have to sit there and keep smacking the arms to keep the swift from going around. Tedious and time consuming.

$28.11 later I have a new swift! (pic will come later once I set it up for the inaugural run)

It has adjustable pegs for different sized skeins, a handle for easy winding of hand-spun and a handy little nook for my yardage counter to fit into once I get it. Oh and it spins so well. Well enough in fact that I don’t even care that he went over budget. He had figured he could do it for under $20 but definitely “not more than $25” 🙂

I need to seriously look into clearing out the garage and buying him tools for a real workshop. Dad got excited when he talked about how the wood store he visited had all sorts of pretty wood like mahogany and walnut. The bunk-bed that my sister and I shared when we were kids was one my Dad built. I loved that thing even though I was prone to falling out of it-from the top bunk.

Think Dad deserves a workshop for Christmas?

The knitting came to a grinding halt this week once the Highlighter socks were completed. I swear I didn’t spend a whole week goofing off and doing nothing. I was at the dyepot working furiously to restock the etsy shop. I hate that it has sat empty for so long and now that I have a slightly less hectic work schedule I actually feel in the mood to dye again.

See! Proof I did something this week. There is still so much more roving to dye and I really wanted the stocking to be seriously impressive but after realizing that it wasn’t worth exhausting myself over I trimmed back the update just a little. There is still a lot of stuff going up soon.

Now that the weather has officially changed there are 2 projects I feel the need to cast on asap. I’ve had some KnitPicks Andean Treasure that I bought last year for a scarf but I never could find a stitch pattern I liked with it. I think Fetching is in order. Also I’ve been dying to cast on for my Selbu mittens ever since I bought the yarn last Saturday. Since the old swift was dismantled and the new one wasn’t built yet I had to wait but now I’m free to cast that on as well.

Now here is a question for any Ravelry folks. Did taking pictures of your entire stash to put on Ravelry frighten you? I’m of two thoughts here; one says don’t do it you don’t want to know how much you have while the other thought tells me that knowing what I have will help me use my stash effectively. Plus the potential to find yarns that just don’t need to be in stash and can be destashed is a serious possibility.

Is it lunacy to want to believe that any smidgen of good can come from photographing your entire stash?