I wish I could wow you with the pictures of all the delicious loaves of bread that I made but sadly my first year of honoring World Bread Day was an understated one. I decided that taking a day off to bake bread was probably not the best use of my PTO so instead I thought I would bring in treats for the department instead.

Cinnamon rolls count as bread right?

Made a double batch of the Cinna-buns recipe from King Arthur Flour because it labeled itself as a good copy of a certain mall food court chain. I’d say it was pretty damn close but I like the homemade version better because well quite frankly who wouldn’t. I left this picture big so you would be tempted to lick the monitor. Did it work?

In other news I finished the highlighter socks! The second sock cuff is maybe 1/4inch longer than the first but do I care? Hell no. Take a look at these and tell me if you would care.

I love them. The colors are bright without being obnoxious and the yarn knit up how I expected it to with the fractal stripe spinning. The cocoa Swish from Knit Picks was an almost perfect match to the brown in the handspun and really make the handspun shine (IMO). My only regret is they are house socks and not socks I can wear with regular shoes. However now that I have caught the handspun sock bug you can bet another pair will be on the needles soon.

Now I’m at a loss for what to knit next, continue with the Pomatomus for Socktoberfest, cast on for Stacy or bite the bullet and make my own Selbu mittens?