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Now that I’m fully recovered from my weekend at OFFF I can finally get around to showing you the spinning I’ve been doing.

I’ve been wanting to dye, spin and knit a pair of socks from my roving for a while and I figured OFFF was a good opportunity to put in some dedicated spinning time. Little did I know I would get so caught up in spinning that I would have 4oz spun, plied and skeined in less than one day. Granted there are spinners out there who could probably do that in a few hours and still get a much nicer yarn than mine but I’m pretty damn proud of my little accomplishment.

About 180yds, 4oz, 3 ply. I spun this with an actual plan, one that Janelle would tell me about the next morning in my Painted Skein class. I broke this roving into 3 identical sections, spun 1 end to end without splitting. Another section was split in 2 and spun and the 3rd section was split in 4 and spun.

For those of you who never saw the original roving (why didn’t I think of taking a picture?) lets just say the reaction to the colors were somewhere along the lines of “wow that IS bright”. You know the green and blue you get in highlighters? Amp that up and bit and combine it with some chocolate brown and you have the roving.

The scary bright roving became something beautiful once plied. I’m super pleased at how it turned out and once I’m done with the pomotamus socks these are going on the needles. The yardage is small unfortunately because it was a 3ply and I spun it worsted but I’m hoping some short toe-ups will be possible. I’ll be checking the stash to see if I can find some worsted weight brown or black for toes and heels if need be.

In other spinning news, I had started the Reflection Farms roving from the Knitting Expo last week, well in order to make room on the wheel for OFFF purchases I knew I had to finish that first. It felt like a marathon and it is the largest amount I have spun of any one color/roving so far. At just over 1lb it seemed like an insane amount.

About 16oz, 2 ply and approx 760yds. I felt like I was racing towards the end and I’m sure my spinning was less consistent than usual. I broke this out into 6 yarn cakes and plied 1st and last, 2nd and 5th etc. It worked out really well. This may go to Mom with the request she make a vest of some sort from it. It may just be the perfect color for one of my aunts.

As for knitting, well Smooshy is finally on the needles, I cast on for Pomatomus tonight and even though it incorporates several of my sock knitting pet peeves (4 needles instead of 5, YO’s or purling at the beginning of needles etc) it is quite a pleasant knit. Granted I’m only halfway through the first chart repeat so there is plenty of time for me to hate these socks. The semi solid look of the Wisteria Smooshy is perfect for the pattern.

Now for something completely random. Is anyone else having trouble adjusting to the change in seasons? It seems like I came back from OFFF and boom it was fall. One day it was warm and sunny and now it’s been cold and grey all week. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is work generating way more stress than I like but I’ve been feeling almost agitated all week. I’m hoping I will snap out of it soon since I am seriously considering sneaking a baggie of cashmere or alpaca into my desk at work so I can pull it out and pet it in times of need. Is that too weird?

And now because I am so incredibly happy with how my OFFF sock yarn turned out I will leave you with another picture.

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