Just a word of warning. This will be a picture heavy long post.

Ok, you’ve been warned so lets try and recap the whirlwind madness that was Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 07.

Friday 4.45am: Ginger knocks on the door and it’s time to leave. Damn it’s early!

8.30am: We arrive at the fairgrounds, get a parking spot out front because no one else is crazy enough to be there that early.

9am: Annie and I settle in for a day of spinning and what we called “pre-sale browsing”. Theresa (aka Applie) showed up mid-morning and we spun while ogling the boxes of fiber that were paraded in front of us all day. After moving several times to take advantage of the wonderful sunshine and aquiring our spinning tan lines we finally packed it in for the day. Ginger and Betty apparently had a blast in their Fiber to Yarn class and lorded their newfound knowledge over the rest of us. There may have been some shopping snuck in on Friday afternoon but I’ll tell you about that later.

Saturday 9am: Time for Theresa and I to take our Painted Skein class from Janelle of Chameleon Colorworks. I now know 5 ways to spin handpainted rovings! Before my Color Blending class in the afternoon I ran around and picked up a few items that were calling my name. Then it was off to learn about color. I also got to learn I don’t like handcarders. Good thing I didn’t buy any. Betty was so awesome to let me borrow both her drum carder and handcards for my class. I greatly appreciate it Betty!

Then there was some more shopping. For a festival that actually didn’t take up very much real estate there were A LOT of vendors there. Everywhere you turned there was someone selling something and yet it never had that hectic feel. Well ok granted I missed the Sat morning frenzy that probably surrounded the BMFA millends because by the time I wandered by around 1pm they were all gone. I had seen how many millends they had while setting up so I’m going to assume it was a feeding frenzy.

Saturday evening we met up with Betty and Betty-mom (Martha) for dinner. As you can see Betty had a good time.

Dessert was…


good 🙂

 Sunday was spent wandering around and checking out random vendors to see what we had missed and visiting some of the animals.

Ready for an onslaught of photos?


Ginger and her first fleece purchase.

Annie and her fleece.

Anthony bonding with his new best friend King Tut.

Camel, a very friendly and very close camel.

How we could tell we were close to the fairgrounds.

Ok, now are you ready for a quick peek at what I bought?

I’ve got some details in the Flickr album here

I’m really not quite sure how that last item above was purchased. I must have blacked out and when I came to I was clutching a brand new Strauch Petite. It was Friday evening as all the vendors were finishing setting up and while they weren’t even open yet somehow I still managed to buy it.

Now I’m home, happy and exhausted and also more than a little afraid of everything I have just bought. Do I really need to go to work tomorrow? I feel like I need a day or two to recover.

Oh for those of you who were convinced I would come back with a sheep strapped to the car you were partially right. I stopped by the SuDan Farms booth with Ginger and we MAY have split a lamb to get shipped to us. It won’t live in the backyard though, it will live in the freezer.