I wish I could say I had a fun trip to Atlanta where I got to see the Yarn Harlot and meet Turtlegirl but sadly that would be a lie. My flight back home left half an hour before the Harlot event. So close…

For those of you contemplating a 20 hour visit across the country with a total of 10 hours flying time tacked onto that I cannot stress enough…DON’T. I’m just pooped. With the time difference and the full day of training I had to present I’m exhausted. I sure wish I could call in sick tomorrow but sadly that isn’t an option.

The trip to ATL did have it’s high point though…my hotel room. Stayed at this ’boutique’ hotel called the Indigo Hotel. A super nice place and not at all like a standard hotel.

My room:


Cute isn’t it. But wait there is more. I walked in and immediately my eyes were drawn to the wall behind the bed. Could it be? No way!

indigo wallpaper


That entire wall was covered in a giant print of a blue cabled knit. I think I freaked out the guy at the front desk when I was heading out for dinner and asked him how many of the rooms had that wallpaper. Apparently most of them do so if you are ever in Atlanta and need a hotel I recommend the Indigo. An added bonus…their toiletries are Aveda 🙂

I had mentioned earlier that the only knitting I was taking with me was the cursed coupling socks. I thought maybe the hotel room might help ward off any bad juju so the socks modeled with the wallpaper.

And you know what? It worked. I finished casting off somewhere over Montana/North Idaho.

In a perfect karmic knitting world I could say that by the end I made these socks my bitch. The truth is these kicked my knitting ass bigtime. It’s not a hard pattern but this knit was cursed for me. The first sock had one known mistake and the honor of slapping me for not swatching. The second sock; I stopped counting the mistakes by around 6 or 7. The worst mistake was the massive error in counting the gusset stitches which resulted in frogging an entire heel. How I managed to count 48 stitches as 58 not once, not twice but three times is beyond me . In the time it took me to finish the first sock to the second sock my tension was WAY off and the second sock has only 7.5 pattern repeats on the cuff to the 8.5 on the first sock.

All I can do is breathe a huge sigh of relief that these are done and will never grace my feet. Mom just gets socks for Christmas.

Now if only I could figure out what I want to bring with me to OFFF this weekend. I have one whole day in town before heading down to Canby for 2-3 days of fiber madness. I dyed some superwash in my Banded Iguana colors that I hope to spin into my first true sock yarn.

Here’s hoping that when the minivan arrives at 4.45am on Friday it comes stocked with coffee, I don’t know how else I will survive. Of course it could be worse…I could be the one driving.