It’s been brought to my attention that I had posted about Nicki and his need for an emergency vet but never got around to posting that he is fine. Oops. With the exception of matching shaved kneepads from a couple IV’s he is back in true Nicki form. He has even been feeling feisty enough to resume chasing Sammy around the house.

I have only one lonely FO to show you. I had picked up some Chasing Rainbows Tussah Silk/Cashmere at Twist during the PKF madness. How I managed to spend $30 on 2oz of roving is beyond me but damn that fiber was nice.

peacock yarn

Approx 160yds, 3ply fingering weight. This is probably my first really successful navajo ply and I love how it turned out. I wish I had more yardage but this will be just enough for a little scarf.

While spinning this I began to realize that Nicki has a very particular taste in fiber. Silk. He went nuts for the merino/silk roving I spun a few months ago and he went nuts again for this roving. Spinning is normally a pretty silent activity for me but not this time. There was a lot of “Stop…Nicki no…NO!…Get OFF!…Not yours…Spit it out NOW!”

Never let it be said that my very expensive cat doesn’t have expensive taste.

I’ve also made some good progress on the purple roving from Reflection Farms. Only 7oz out of 1lb+ left to spin. It was my first real roving purchase and what I thought was incredibly soft back in March is completely different to what I like now. I was a little worried about how rough it felt but this stuff is spinning up so nicely. I think it is a carded roving and I am very happy with how it is turning out. I was afraid it would blend into one blah purple but the way it is carded gives me some great color changes. All subtle but still beautiful.

In other fibery news I got a small package today. 30lbs. No it isn’t all mine.



I better get dyeing.