Considering what a hectic weekend I had you would think I would have more FO’s to show for it. In fact I don’t have any.

I did however hand the Kaffe Fassett socks off to Sarah this morning, ends all woven in but not yet washed. The socks had 2 photo shoots this morning.

First my new Turtlegirl sock blockers had the honor of modeling the socks and then I managed to rope Sarah into putting them on.

They fit! Once the insane heat of LA dies down a bit she might even get a chance to wear them.

I started a new WIP today but it’s top secret so I won’t be blogging about it until later. I did however manage to buy yarn yesterday at VY&T for my next big project…Tomato. Hopefully I will have a chance to cast on for it soon.

I spent a good amount of time this weekend on non-knitting events. Ever since they built Qwest field for the Seahawks about 4-5 years ago WSU has been having their first game of the season there. It has always been a non-conference game but it is a great way for alumni to go see a game without driving to the other side of the state for a home game. I’ve only ever missed one game (last year) and that was due to work which pissed me off to no end. This year was much like the others, it would have been humiliating if we lost and thankfully once again we could celebrate a win. WSU 45, San Diego State 17.

Go COUGS!!!!