Ever since I discovered the problem with my coupling Koigu socks (hmm that sounds a little dirty) I’ve been dealing with some serious finishitis. I’m so close to finishing the wrap cardigan, the socks will not take long to frog and fix and yet I can’t seem to bring myself to work on either. Notice I’m not mentioning the mermaid wrap? It is so far from being done that it can’t even be considering a project to work on right now.

So instead of finishing up those two WIP’s I’ve managed to wind, cast on for Bamboozled with my BMFA Bambu yarn (madrona purchase) and frogged that after one row. Until I find some size 6 bamboo needles or buy a set there is no way that is being worked on anytime soon. Keeping the stitches on a metal needle was a lesson in futility. Needless to say the yarn was frogged and rewound.

About the only fiber related progress I’ve made since getting back home has been with the Emperor of Ice Cream roving. The chocolate brown roving was a good choice, I ended up with a 3 ply (2 of the ice cream, 1 of the chocolate) yarn, about heavy worsted weight. The leftover ice cream roving was navajo plied and boy am I glad I didn’t do that for the whole yarn. It’s pretty but there is no way I would knit/wear that color yarn by itself. I don’t have much in terms of yardage (just over 200yds) but I’m quite happy with what I got.

 icecream yarn

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce.

With all the new projects I want to start I need to just get my butt in gear and actually finish something. No new projects until one gets finished. First up is the sweater because quite frankly I’m just not ready to face the socks yet. I think the disappointment of them not fitting (my stupid fault for not swatching) and the gusset mistake is a little too much for me right now. Plus I knit them out of the Koigu colorway I liked the best. Sigh.

Can I go back on vacation to find my knitting mojo? I think I might dropped it while running for my plane at O’Hare.