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I’ve had a mixed weekend.

I got to borrow a Strauch Petite carder from Betty to play with and get this…she said I can keep it for a couple months since she isn’t using it right now! She rocks. So after a quick trip to Weaving Works to pick up some very brightly colored mixed wool for practice I had a nice relaxing couple of hours today.


plus this

gives you this

Yeah I know it isn’t exciting but for the first ever attempt at carding I figured I would go simple and get the concepts down before getting creative. I now have 7/8 oz of carded batts to play with. Yay for carding success!

Sadly the Coupling socks are not faring so well. After it was determined that yes my ankles are too fat for the socks they have been taken off the “for me” list and moved to the “for mum” list. Shortly after that determination was made another tragic revelation was made. I had miscounted the gusset increases on the first sock and when the second sock was made according to the incorrect numbers it ended up being too short. So the Coupling socks are in time out right now since I can’t stomach the thought of frogging back the entire heel right now.

The Emperor of Icecream roving is now spun but I just started on the chocolate brown I plan on plying it with, hopefully there will be finished yarn pics in a few days. Anyone know how to ply singles in varying stages of age? I have one bobbin from 3 weeks ago, 1 from Saturday and soon I will have a third bobbin I just finished spinning. How should I ply it all?

In other not so great news I had to take Nicki to the emergency vet today, I will spare you most of the details but lets just say when your cat vomits 4 times in an hour you should rush him to the vet. Right now he is staying overnight while they give him fluids and meds. The emergency vet assured me this isn’t related to his recent surgery and seemed to think once we get him hydrated and on meds he will be fine.

Weirdly enough I was more freaked out today than I was about the surgery. I think it finally hit me that he is getting older and that he might go at any moment. Thankfully my non-knitter friend Sheila went with me and distracted me with tales of her outlandish family history (think knights of the templar, atom bomb scientists, genghis khan and the CIA).

About the only bright spot of the visit was when I told the vet about the surgery and her response was “Oh good, I was wondering why he was shaved down there”

Like I’m the kind of person who would shave her cat for fun.

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