With the exception of a not so little delay leaving the Philly airport (and a subsequent mad dash at Chicago) the trip home was uneventful. Of course in my mad dash to my connecting flight there was one thing on my mind, my suitcase with all my yarn purchases. Luckily it made it on board the second plane and all I had to deal with was the bickering couple sitting next to me.

Lets just get the flashing of my new stash out of the way now.


First up my haul from Rosies, 4oz of handdyed (by one of the shop employees) Optim. Drool. Of course that purchase meant nothing else got bought there.

After Rosies we made our way to Loop, via a nice little pub called the Ten Stone which served some pretty tasty sandwiches. They were smart to put us by ourselves in the back room.


What you see are two skeins of Araucania sock yarn which I plan on making into either a chevron or jaywalker scarf. There is also a single skein of hemp yarn in the perfect shade of red. I may break my washcloth ban and actually knit one with this skein. What isn’t pictured is my copy of Big Girl Knits that I also picked up and had Amy sign.

On day two we made our way to Twist after a late start (the alpaca farm trip had to be canceled because we were running so late). Deb at Twist put together some wonderful fiber tasting bags for us to try, there was BFL, black BFL, silk hankies, hemp, tussah cashmere, merino, quivet and some others I can’t recall right now.  

You are looking at some Claudia Handpaints sock yarn, 8oz of bamboo and 4oz of Chasing Rainbows tussah cashmere. 

I also picked up some Jitterbug in the Kingfisher colorway at a shop called Frou Frou in NW Philly. I loved this yarn and I couldn’t not purchase it even after the treatment we got at the store. I’m still pissed I was charged tax on a purchase that should have been tax free and the store owner never even attempted to fix the computer error. On top of that I’ve never been to a LYS where the owners are that unaware of their rudeness. I’ll paraphrase the conversation Sharon had.

S: I’m really disappointed you have a sweater back there with a rabbit pelt

Owner: Oh really?

S: Yes it means I can never buy from here because my pet rabbit would never forgive me

Owner: I’m sorry you have a pet rabbit. 

I was just stunned at her rudeness. By then my purchase had already gone through so I couldn’t back out but wow…I don’t think I have any problems not recommending the Frou Frou yarn shop. 

And that was the extent of my fiber purchases. See I told you I didn’t go insane and buy out all the shops in Philly. 

I did also manage to leave Philly with another 4oz of Optim and a wonderful handmade NM spindle thanks to my not so secret spinning pal Sobe. The fiber is undyed so I’m going to have fun coming up with a colorway for it. 

Now before you start thinking that all I did was shop let me show you some FO’s from the week.

Those are the Kaffe Fassett socks I was knitting for my sister. I’m not normally a big fan of striping socks but I can’t say enough about how happy I am at the way these turned out.  

Ok so technically these aren’t FO’s because only one sock is finished but I still made some damn good progress on them. These are in the Koigu (unknown color) Coupling socks and for some reason I started knitting them on size 0 needles. That meant adding length to the gusset and adjust the heel flap accordingly. I seem to have serious issues reading this pattern and keep making mistakes even though it is simple and I have it memorized. I’m calling them design features at this point because I keep making the exact same mistake over and over again. Oh well. I still love the way they are turning out.

The week was just wonderful, I got to spend time with friends I had only known from chat or the boards, I got to put faces to the avatars and it was a blast. I am still in shock that I agreed to go to Seasocks without even blinking an eye. Once I get settled back at home I will need to start being a good girl and seriously start stashing money away for not only the cruise ticket but the great LYS’s we are expecting to hit. 

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to lie down and cuddle my kitties who apparently only spent 2 nights staying up late and sleeping on the stairs waiting for me to come home before they gave up and went back to sleeping on beds and couches. I guess they don’t love me that much.