I’ll explain the blog title later.

I’m still in Philly having way too much fun, I’m pretty sure it isn’t good for my health (or at least the health of my bank balance).

I believe quoting the text msg I sent to my sister on the first night explains it all. “I’ve found my people”

I laughed until I wanted to cry, I wholeheartedly joined in trying to humiliate ourselves in public, I shopped, I drooled, I actually managed to restrain myself and I’m pretty sure that a certain Applebee’s in the Philly area has pictures of all of us on a “do not let them in ever again” wall.

I got to meet so many wonderful knitties and visit some amazing shops. If you are ever in the Philly area I highly recommend Rosies, Loop and Twist, not only were the owners wonderful but the wide selection between those stores is sure to please any knitter.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

There are many more pictures but I won’t bore you with them all. Check out the flickr album if you feel like flipping through my version of vacation slides.

As for the blog title, well it became apparent very early on that there would be some spoken gems over the weekend and since I had a notebook I played secretary. Most of the quotes make very little sense out of context (or incredibly wrong) but they were saved for potential blog titles. Needlegrrl has the complete list on her blog if you aren’t knittyboard members and can’t check them out there.

As for my vacation shopping. I think I did ok, I didn’t buy everything I touched although I did splurge on a bundle of fiber that I paid way too much for. I’ll have pics of my haul when I get back.

Now the only reason I can get away with saying I was good on my vacation is because according to Pam the $500 deposit I just paid for our room on the Seasocks cruise doesn’t count. Heck according to her it doesn’t even count as 2007 fiber money. I like her.