It’s the final countdown to my trip to Philly!!! While you might be wondering why I’m so excited to go to what most wouldn’t consider a vacation destination let me explain.

First off, this is my first real vacation in almost 8 years. I’m not counting 3-4 day weekends where I go camping or visit friends on the other side of the state. Nor am I counting the week between Christmas and New Years last year where I was forced to take time off or lose it because I spent the entire time sitting at home doing house crap. The last time I consider myself taking a vacation was August 1999 and I went for a whole week to Cabo with a couple of college friends.

I do see some similarities in the two trips though. Both are locations that can’t be called temperate during the month of August. I apparently have a subconscious need to go visit hot humid climates…must be all those years living in hot tropical locations while growing up.

Second reason I’m excited to go to Philly? I get to meet so many folks I’ve met online at the knittyboard. I get to put faces to the names and spend time sitting around chatting, knitting, trying to not get into too much trouble etc. Oh and not only do I get to meet lots of cool new folks but I get to meet Amy of Knitty. How cool is that!

The weekend events have been named Philly Knitty Fest (PKF) and include some trips to LYS’s that are hosting little parties for us, a trip to an alpaca farm, a fiber/spinning tasting at another LYS. All in all it sounds like just what I need. Plus since I’m heading all the way over there I might as well stay longer and see the sights, have a cheesesteak, hopefully spend lots of time with Sharon…you get the picture.

Of course leaving home and work for a week means A LOT of prep work. Why is going on vacation so stressful? All the things I didn’t realize I had to take care of now have less than one day to get done. Good thing I can sleep on the plane right?

I’m also worried that a sign of true addiction is when I spent more time picking out knitting projects for the week than I did clothes. I decided the sweater stays home (and no it is not finished yet) so it will be socks, socks, mermaid wrap and more socks. Yes I realize 3 pairs of socks is more than I can knit in a week but you never know what you will feel like knitting that day. I need to go prepared for any sock mood.

So what am I bringing?

Mermaid wrap in Suri Blue

Kaffe Fassett socks for the sister (Fire) 1/2 a sock already done

Koigu for Monkey socks (I think)

Smooshy for either Coupling or Pomatomus socks

I love that all these yarns are ones I’ve never knit with before. It is tempting to toss another skein in the bag but I know I won’t even get half of that list finished as it is. Besides taking more yarn means less room for new yarn to come home with me right?

I will hopefully post while in Philly but if not I will see you in a week!