I realized today that I never posted pictures of my new knitting bag. All that talk about how I had to wait for it to be finished before I could work on the sweater and I never take a photo of it. So finally here it is.


It is the Amy Butler Weekender bag, with AB fabric as well (I think). I love it! It’s so roomy I can cram so much stuff in there. I gave the extra fabric to Ginger who is another sewing genius so I can get some little notion bags to go inside.

While I didn’t immediately pick up the sweater and finish it off I have made great progress. I have 1.5 sleeves left to knit and maybe a few inches of the body. I left the body unfinished because I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn for the sleeves before adding length to the sweater. Considering that I have 5 balls left out of the 13 I purchased and I don’t have that much left to do I think I will be fine. If all goes well the sweater will be finished before PKF.

I also had a little problem with impulse control at Sat knitting. VY&T got in a nice shipment of the new Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn and I was a goner.

kaffe fasset

The colors don’t actually look as vivid in the picture as they are in real life (blame the overcast Seattle sky). I got 2 balls of the landscape fire and 2 of the landscape caribbean. While I’m not normally a fan of striped yarn I thought the mirage variations lost some of the color ommpf. Now you may notice there are 3 balls of the fire there. That is because I showed my Mom the yarn and she oh so nicely pointed out that I’ve never used 2 whole balls for a pair of socks and if I bought a 3rd ball I could make her a pair too. Then I wouldn’t have wasted yarn! Isn’t my Mom thoughtful… 🙂

I also walked away with the last copy of the new Evelyn Clark book (don’t worry they are getting more in).

clark book

I can’t wait to use this book to come up with my own shawl.

In somewhat sad news I have to wait a little longer for my August batts from Abby. Apparently the mailman decided to assume the role of fiber stash moderator and sent my package back to Abby for being an incorrect address. It’s on it way back to me after we confirmed that yes I do live where I thought I’ve lived for the last 7 years so hopefully I can pet it briefly before heading to Philly for a week.

Now I’m off to power my way through the rest of the sweater, I got the size 8 dpn’s I needed to finish the sleeves today because after an hour of magic looping the sleeve last night I came to the firm conclusion that yes I do hate magic loop as much as I thought I did.