I really need to start knitting with my handspun soon. That particular stash keeps growing and growing, especially with the new wheel and my inability to leave it alone.

I finished the Abby batts in what felt like record time-well at least for me. Just over 7oz of batts to finished yarn in 3 evenings.

july batts

Multi colored yarn is 5.75oz ~ 241yds and the solid purple is 1.5oz and 62yds. I ended up going with a 3ply yarn in the end instead of my original plan for a 2ply which is why my yardage is much less than it could have been.  This stuff is so soft…

You might remember this roving from a while back.

hella hot 3

It was a gift from my spinning SP. Well as soon as the Abby batts were off the wheel it became this.

hella hot yarn

That is 4oz and 318yds. I’m surprised at how muted this yarn is compared to the roving. When I was spinning it as singles I was underwhelmed but once it was plied I was much happier. Do I wish it was a little brighter? Perhaps but this actually turned out to be quite a pretty finished yarn. Thank you Sobe!

In case you have been keeping track you might have noticed that I’ve spun about 5 rovings in a row with definite purple leanings. I wanted to start on the roving I bought at the Seattle Knitting Expo back in April when I realised it too was purple. Why do I have so much purple roving?

Since I couldn’t handle the idea of more purple right now I grabbed the one roving that I’m surprised I even bought.

yummy yarn

Definitely NOT purple! I’ve only got half of it spun up right now and I’m really not sure how I want to ply it. It is very sherbety. Very pretty but very sherbety. I’m toying with the idea of plying it with a dark brown. Any thoughts?