You know how it goes, you buy something you really want/crave and you have to wait for it. Sometimes if you are lucky it’s just the 3-5 minutes for that morning mocha, sometimes it’s 7 days for a wheel 🙂

Lets just say those 7 days of torture and non-stop checking of the tracking number on UPS was worth it.




I’m in heaven.

After 3 phone calls and 3 different answers on whether I could get a delivery address change (or pick it up from the center myself) I just waited until it was delivered to work and tried not to speed downtown so I could retrieve it. There was NO way I was waiting till today to get it.

I justified the trip for the wheel by telling myself I had to leave the house anyway to pick up Nicki so I left the vet with two precious pieces of cargo in my car. Who would have thought the cat would be the most expensive piece?

Setup was a breeze! And I’ll admit to a sigh of relief when I saw that the well padded Woolery bag is not that awful bright blue they have on the website. Nice dark navy denim. Yay!

After practicing for a few minutes (maybe 5 max) on some random blue merino I had dyed months ago but never put up for sale because I was disappointed in it I pondered the fiber stash. I had originally planned on initiating the wheel on the lovely cashmere Artsygal sent me for my birthday but then I spotted my Abby batts. I had been waiting for the new wheel to try them out and with the second months shipment going out now I knew I had to get cracking.

OMG. I don’t know if it was the wheel or the batts but I had one of the most relaxing and pleasurable spinning nights to date. I spun almost half of what I have and didn’t feel at all tense or tired. The ache I would feel on the Traveller after hours and hours of spinning was non-existent. Spinning actually felt natural. I even got to practice my long draw with pretty decent results.

Check out the first bobbin.

first bobbin

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. As usual there were some thick/thin bits but I’m fine with that.

The best part of spinning last night was this.

nicki lounging

Nicki came and sat by me almost all evening. He got some much needed rest and I got to be comforted knowing he was home safe. The vet offered me the stones they took out. They looked like a mix between gravel and nerd candy (or at least what nerds would look like after living in a cat bladder). No thanks!

I’d say yesterday was a very good day.