Yet another reason to not like Mondays. Dropped off Nicki at 8am and settled in for a day in the office where all I do is sit by the phone and wait for news. They can’t expect me to actually work now can they?

I think Sammy knows something is up. Normally you can count on a good chase and fight with those two every few days. Nothing serious and Sammy being the little punk that he is usually starts it. For a week now there has been nothing. He just gives Nicki a wide berth, almost as if he knows better (and this is one incredibly stupid cat).

Tomorrow I hope to get Nicki back home and resting while I hopefully go back to being a little less freaked out.

I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to the free shipping sale. All your packages went out in the mail today. I hope you like them!

Update: the vet just called. The surgery went well and they pulled out 10 stones. He is now resting and they will try get him to eat later today. Such a relief.