Well the good news is that Nicki’s bladder infection is getting better and his kidneys are fine. The bad news is that found about a dozen bladder stones during the x-ray. Since they are good sized ones he can’t pass them naturally. So Monday AM he gets dropped off at the vet for surgery and if all goes well he can come home on Tuesday. I’m a little freaked but at the same time happy it is something they can fix.

Whenever I start to panic over the cost of all this I take a look at this picture (taken last year)

napping nicki

How can I not do what I can to make him better?

Not much knitting progress since the last post, I managed to knit maybe another 2 inches on the Mermaid wrap at the VY&T Knit Nite. Doesn’t look like much but it is getting there. They got in a new shipment of the Suri Blue an oh it was hard to resist. There was a purple and brown colorway…dreamy. Then there was the big pile of Tofutsies and one color in particular that I know my sister would like. Plus the fiber blend would be perfect for LA.

Then Ginger not so gently reminded me that I hated working with the yarn. There is a reason the Tofutsie sock in the WIP list has been stuck at 50% for about 6 months. I never cast on for the second one because I disliked the yarn so much. Well ok to be more accurate I hated knitting with it, I really liked the finished fabric. So I put the ball back in the pile and Ginger obliging smacked my hand as punishment.

The spinning has stopped too, I have someone coming by on Monday to buy the Traveller. She and a friend started up a spinning group where they live and they are short a wheel. I love the idea of my first wheel going to a new group of folks wanting to learn to spin. I should dig up the binder of info I was given when I bought it.

I’ve also started to wonder if the shipping gods (or your diety of choice) hate me. I decided to have my new wheel shipped to work because you never know if someone will be home to accept delivery. Estimated delivery date is Tuesday. Now because of Nicki what day do you think I will be at home instead of work? I don’t suppose there is anyone out there who thinks I stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting my wheel on Monday when I’m actually IN the office?

I’m off now to swap Blu for my spiffy new knitting bag (I promise I will post pics).