Well it’s been an interesting couple of days around my house. I barely got any dyeing done this weekend since I spent Sunday helping my sister pack up her apt for her big move to la-la land. Since we both moved to Seattle in 1998 this is the first time we haven’t lived in the same town. Before that I was in college in Eastern WA while she lived in Boise, only a 6-8 hour drive away. Now she will be 2 whole states away and it feels weird. Guess I will just have to think of reasons to go visit LA. They have yarn shops down there right?

Send good travel thoughts her way, I got a text msg this afternoon saying the kitty tranquilizers weren’t working and Ebi has almost lost her voice from the nonstop meowing/crying. It’s only day 1 of the 2 day drive. Poor baby kitty..she really hates cars.

As for me, well I did get a little bit of dyeing in on Friday night and dropped off a lb of targhee to Victoria at VY&T for her own personal spinning.

forest targhee

Isn’t it pretty? So soft and squishy.

I cast off on Blu on Saturday, the pieces are washed and ready for their embellishments and seaming. Somehow they have managed to hang out on top of the dryer for the last 3 days. I can’t imagine why I haven’t seamed those up already 😉

After that I made a halfhearted attempt at the mermaid wrap so it might be an inch or so longer now. Still got a ways to go. Since knitting wasn’t happening for me I thought it was time I pull out those Loop batts again and really get serious about spinning them. I had only spun maybe half of one of the 8 mini batts. Between Saturday and Sunday night I finished spinning all the batts and plied them up.

What started off as this. (large pics for full effect)

kimono batt

Became this

kimono handspun

That is around 256yards/3oz. I lost a few yards towards the end when I got tired and messed up my Andean plying but I’m happy with what I got. It ranges from a laceweight to a fingering weight I think. I have to admit it looks a little red hat like but I think it looks great. Those batts were amazing to spin, there wasn’t a clump or snag anywhere. Just dreamy.

Now if only I could buy more for stash but I think my fiber stash is close to surpassing the sock yarn stash. I’m up over 6lbs of personal fiber stash. Not good.

Nicki took a little unplanned trip to the vet yesterday and has not been in the best of moods since then. He is now on antibiotics for 2 weeks and I need to bring in another sample for them to check on something else. Once he gets past the twice a day torture that involves me cramming a pill down his throat he might be pleased to know per doctors order he is to only ever eat wet food from now on. Thankfully the visit only cost $80 this time. Over the years he has turned out to be one expensive cat but he is also my very first “real” pet and I admit while he is a spiteful evil bugger a lot of the time I dread the day I have to say goodbye. (damn just saying that made me teary-eyed)

So I don’t know whether it was the high of knowing a couple pills will make him all better, or maybe feeling like I needed to fill the void with my sister’s departure but I bought a little something for myself last night.

Just an itty bitty something.


We won’t talk about how much it cost (or about how unbearable I will be until it arrives).