I often get weird looks when I KIP, I don’t know whether it’s me specifically they are looking at or if folks just aren’t that used to KIP in Seattle but I have learned to deal. Now I’ve never tried spinning in public and I often feel strange just driving around with the wheel in the backseat when I am on my way to VY&T to spin with friends. I can’t imagine what the people at the parking garage I use thought on the day I went to spin night right after work.

Today when I was leaving Office D with a big box of bubble wrap when a car pulled up beside me. I figured ok here is comes…the look. To my surprise the woman passenger got out, saw the wheel, turned to me and said “You go girl”. Not only did she know what it was but she approved! You could have knocked me over with a feather. I of course smiled, said thanks and we went on our separate merry ways.

It’s good to get that outside reassurance that you aren’t a complete nutcase for enjoying knitting and spinning outside of your core group of fiber friends. I wish it had been the right kind of moment to ask her what she did. Was she a fellow knitter, a spinner, a quilter? Who knows. It was just wonderful to have that completely random moment when you recognize that the stranger in the parking lot might be just like you.