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I can now officially add the inability to mark down the CORRECT important dates on my calendar.

You know that wedding cake I’m supposed to be making for next Saturday? Well turns out it is THIS Saturday. I had the damn invite in my hands when I marked it on the calendar and I still got it wrong.

Needless to say I left work early to make cake, enough cake for 200 people. Somehow I think this will test me the way my first wedding cake did when the helpful busboy dropped a tier he was carrying for me. I never knew I could keep my calm and fix a wrecked cake like that until I had to do. So now I will find out whether I can really throw together a great tasting and beautiful cake in less than 42hours. While juggling work and a birthday dinner tonight.

I guess on the bright side it means I’m free all next week to dye fiber 😀

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Stashdown 2009

January 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 233 Total Weight:33.13lbs Total Miles: 27

February 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 213 Total Weight:30.09lbs Total Miles: 26

March 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 218 Total Weight:31.95lbs Total Miles: 27

April 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 217 Total Weight:31.45lbs Total Miles: 26.5

May 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 229 Total Weight: 33.8 Total Miles: 28.4

June 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 210 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.7

July 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 201 Total Weight: 30.5 Total Miles: 26.5

August 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 228 Total Weight: 34.0 Total Miles: 28.8

October 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 254 Total Weight: 38.2 Total Miles: 31.8

November1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 224 Total Weight: 34.9 Total Miles: 29.9

December 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 206 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.1


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