Lets just say I never thought I could ever love a piece of cookware on the same level as my Kitchenaid and my Wusthof knife. I was wrong. That big giant steamer made it possible for me to get through 4lbs of roving in 2 not so backbreaking evenings. It holds up to 2lbs of roving at a time, doesn’t leak steam, keeps an even temp…what can I say except that it is well worth the $36+tax that I paid for it.

Want to see what I’ve been up to?

I decided against 16 unique colors because you never know when someone wants more than 4oz plus I wanted to see how easily I could do larger batches of colorways. So 16 rovings, 11 colorways. Want to see them individually? Go here to check out the temporary photos for colorway naming purposes.

The success of doing these 4lbs without wanting to cry in frustration makes me less freaked at the idea of dyeing another 8lbs by next Friday. That’s when I want to post another shop update to etsy. Of course planning that task in the same week as when I have a wedding cake scheduled is probably not ideal so we shall see what happens. Oh and lets not forget the last book of a certain series coming out this Saturday.

Of course all this dyeing means no knitting progress has been made. I feel like so many of my WIPs are being neglected and I still keep wanting to start more. I never used to be the kind of knitter that had 3 or 4 projects going at once, I maybe had 2 going and only because 1 of those is that damn Hoover baby blanket that may never get finished. I think I need to put myself on a ‘no new projects’ knitting diet until the existing WIPs are finished.

Of course I only really have Blu, the cardigan, the Mermaid wrap and a sock on the needles. All very different projects if that makes a difference. Blu is something I just need to knit and be done with, I think the prospect of all that seaming makes me not want to finish it. It was easy and fun though so I think I need to just get over it, the seaming will need to be done eventually and preferably before the baby makes an appearance in the world. It is for the baby of a friend who is making my very cool new knitting bag. The bag that I tell myself I need before I work on the cardigan again.

See what I do? I am the master of excuses. I tell myself I can’t work on the cardigan because it barely fits in the bag it lives in now and if I knit on it the thing won’t fit back in. Hence the need for the new bag before knitting can continue. 🙂

How about I work on Blu, exchange that for the finished bag in 2 weeks so I can work on the cardigan? Those are my two oldest projects and the ones I really want off my plate. It means MS3 won’t happen anytime soon which is too bad but I don’t think I want 2 lace projects going on at once. It also means I might have to hide the Favorite Socks book that I bought in order to stay focused. Think I can stick with that plan?