Warning: this post is long. 

It seems like lately I’ve only been spinning and dyeing and avoiding all knitting. Never fear there has been some knitting going on. Not very many finished projects, well actually only one so far but there is something new on the needles and making good progress.

First up the FO. Remember the Cascade 220 I got at Three Bags Full in Vancouver? Well that purchase became this.

finished booga

I have to admit I don’t felt/full knitted items very often, mostly because very few of the patterns out there interest me. Ok the list only includes Fuzzy Feet but now I can add one more pattern to the list. I followed the modifications that TBF emailed to me, using the Cascade double stranded and only knitting 56 rows instead of the original 64. It made a sturdier and slightly more square bag which I really like. I probably still should have knit the bottom in a k1,sl1 for a stronger base (that was a suggestion that I found online somewhere). The next one will probably be done that way.

It always amazes me how much felting/fulling an item can change it’s size. I couldn’t see how the bag I knitted would shrink down enough, I thought for sure it was going to be too big. Well 3 wash cycles later (I have a low water front loader) I had the bag close enough. It probably could have gone through another wash but I was out of laundry by then. For size comparison I give you this picture.

Sammy is maybe 8lbs. You can probably also tell he also doesn’t like to pose for pictures. The Booga bag needs to be wrapped up and mailed to England. It is going to the same cousin who got the socks. I’ve been informed that she thinks they are very pretty.

In other knitting news I cast on another sock!! It might not sound that exciting but I haven’t been having the best sock luck this year. I started off having to frog 3 pairs right at the beginning of the year and temporarily got the sock mojo back only to get sidetracked with spinning and dyeing fun. I had set myself the goal to knit 12 pairs of socks for myself this year and 1 pair a month didn’t sound that unreasonable. Well I have knit 6 pairs as of end of June only 2 pairs weren’t for me. I’ve been told that still counts but I’m not so sure about that.

Then I happened to head back to the Socktopia blog to check out the themes for July. I’ve been a bad participant mostly because most of the themes so far haven’t inspired me. That is when I saw Bellatrix. Momma-Monkey is giving away 3 free Harry Potter themed sock patterns this month to celebrate the movie and the final book. Go check them out, a new one will be posted each Sunday. Link is in the KAL list.

How could I resist a Harry Potter sock? I had preordered my copy of the book on Amazon the day they started taking orders. I kept looking at Bellatrix and pondered what in my sock stash would work well. It couldn’t be a bright cheery yarn because well Bellatrix isn’t a bright cheery charactor. Then I remembered my STR stash, the stash I have seriously considered trading because I wasn’t feeling the STR love anymore. It came down to Puck’s Mischief and Lagoon.

nicki and bella

Lagoon won. Doesn’t Nicki look happy modeling the sock? I think this next picture sums up his feelings.

“Makes a good pillow Mom”

This is attempt #2 at the sock, mostly because I can’t seem to count. I managed to turn an 8 row pattern into a 6 row pattern and while it still looked good the closeness of those dropped stitches made the sock feel less sturdy and a little loose. So 3″ of sock got frogged and knitted according to the pattern and on smaller needles this time. Much better. I’ve completely ignored the gauge on the pattern because I find 7st/inch way too loose for my liking so these are around 9st/inch.

I’m going to see if I can finish these socks in time for the movie opening on the 11th (I’ll wait till the weekend to watch) and at the rate these are knitting up that is totally doable. That is of course assuming I don’t drop a sock in the campfire this weekend. Between Bellatrix and Blu I think I will have plenty to occupy me when I’m not busy reading a trashy romance novel, making french toast or mixing up cocktails.

This camping trip is something I look forward to every year, sometimes it is the only time I get to catch up with old college friends and yes we all share the same idea of what we consider “camping”. Lets just say our camping trip is best summed up with our coffee. Organic, small independant roaster french press coffee. We are such camping snobs it’s embarressing sometimes.

Now wish me luck. The “featured animals” list includes bears, coyotes and skunks. Why the hell is a skunk a featured animal? Why on earth would I want to see one?