I seem to have become addicted to SP’s, maybe it is just the ones on knitty are so well organized or because it’s with a great group of knitters. Who knows. I signed up for the most recent spinning SP this time around and while I’ve slowly been putting together a package for my downstream pal my upstream pal hasn’t been slacking off at all.

I got this today.

sp package

Want to know what is in it? Well the first thing I recognized was this.


My SP must have been in chat on the day I spotted this roving on etsy and drooled. It’s Hella Hot3 from Poppy Flowers Fibers in 4oz of domestic wool. It’s bright, it’s soft, it’s totally not something I would normally like and I have no idea what I will make with it. I love it. I’m also wondering how on earth Lisa at PFF gets her braids so compact because I sure can’t.

Then there was a yummy smelling bread mix? I have to admit I didn’t even pause to fully read the box because I was so excited to get mail. I will go and look right after this and sniff the box again.

suri alpaca

That is Crown Mountain Farms baby suri alpaca and it is dreamy. I’m not ashamed to admit I tried to stick my entire face in the bag to sniff the fiber. It smelled like the bread mix. 😀 I’ve never spun alpaca before so this is going to be a real treat. This won’t be touching any dye, I want this just as it is.

Thank you SP, whoever you are 😉