Not only do I now have my awesome Entrelac stitch markers (ok I admit those came in last week but I haven’t blogged about them yet). I have some of her Sterling Silver Omega lace markers and some of her standard sized copper wired markers with purple and blue glass beads. All courtesy of my spinning SP from the knittyboard. Thanks SP!!

stitch markers 

but now I have a hefty amount of dye for the fiber dyeing.


But wait there is more.


That is some 100% merino sock yarn from Artsygal, colorway Seychelles. That I got to name!!! It reminded me of the beaches in Seychelles and even though it’s been about 24 years since I was there I still remember those amazing blues and greens of the ocean.

Now Jas had been telling me she found something for me a little while ago but didn’t tell me earlier because she had lost the item. Well she snuck it into the yarn and dye package and lets just say I was less than thrilled when the first item in the package I spotted was this…

fun fur

 Yup purple fun fur. I couldn’t fathom how she thought I would want this and I started to really wonder about spending a whole week in her company this August when I noticed the wrapper.

fun fur flies

“Fun Fur Flies Repellent..For the elimination of Alter Egos, Attention Ho’s and Delusions” 

Phew!!! It’s an inside joke involving a certain someone who invaded knittychat for a while. She would come in and out under different names, was selling items online from copyrighted patterns, got nasty with other members when they would try to help with her questions and all in all made chat very unpleasant for some people. One nickname was purple related and she was a big fan of fun fur so now I have a ball of purple fun fur flies repellent. Now what do I do with it?

Now as if that wasn’t enough there was a mystery baggie (no not that kind of baggie) filled with this.

mystery fiber

Need a closer look to figure out what it is?

fiber closeup

That bit of dark brown is yak fiber, and not the kind of yak I’m used to in this house (cat variety)..this is the yummy stuff. That paler fiber, the one that is a fawnish grey, well that is…

wait for it….


What I did to it is probably illegal in 14 states 🙂