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I promise I was good. I could have been oh so bad but I barely managed to squeeze in an hour this last weekend to go yarn shopping.

First up I went to Three Bags Full which is such a lovely shop. Somehow I managed to not actually take a picture while in there (the presence of family members who refused to let me go alone might have had something to do with that). The two store employees were super nice and the gal at the register was sweet enough to point me to the site where I can get the booga bag pattern for free. More on the bag later.

I couldn’t leave without sock yarn and I picked up the one brand I’d never seen before. It’s called Nature’s Palette from Hand Jive. Superwash fingering merino sock yarn that is hand-dyed with natural dyes. Colorway is Odd Duck #1. How could I not get it with a name like that?

odd duck

While wandering around the store and refusing to be tempted by the huge selection of hemp yarn I spotted something wonderful.


That is 100gms of hand-dyed corriedale by fellow etsyer Yummy Yarn in sherbet pinks, peaches, bright orange and splashes of bright red. Colorway name? The Emperor of Ice Cream. I LOVE it. It isn’t something I would normally buy because well it is pink and orange but I couldn’t help it. It was a tossup between this roving and a blue/purple bump called Smurf dipped in Purple Paint. I wanted both but decided only one was allowed. Oh but that smurf one…sigh.

I don’t have a pic of the booga bag yarn because well this is about MY yarn purchases. While in TBF my aunt (of the cousin socks part of the family) spotted a booga bag made out of malabrigo. I immediately hear “oh this is so nice, if I buy the yarn will you make one for L (sock cousin)?” Now I don’t know about you but when you have your mother and 2 aunts now looking at you after such a question you really don’t have a nice way to say no. We decided malabrigo was a bit pricey so we went with similar colors in Cascade 220. I’m going to dye the lighter green to mimic the semi-solid look of the original bag.

By the time we left that store I had been asked 3 more times to make something they had on display but luckily nothing came of those requests. I have only one more and thankfully easy knit on demand project now.

Next up on the yarn hunt was Birkeland Bros Wool which was a convenient 10 blocks away. Holy cow it was floor to ceiling roving and yarn in there. I didn’t even notice the shelves went all the way to the ceiling until I was getting ready to leave. I could see some machines in the back, apparently they do their own processing and do custom carding as well.

For Birkeland I knew I didn’t want yarn but fiber was fair game. I poked around in countless bins, pulled bags and bags off shelves to see what was behind them and finally settled on just 2 items.

mohair locks

Mini bag of hand-dyed mohair locks from Shades of Narnia (no website). The picture doesn’t look that hot but there is a great mix of colors in there. I have no idea what to do with it.

And my biggest purchase (size wise at least).


That is 1lb of Moorit Sliver in Fawn. Anyone know what this is? It feels really soft and is labeled as 34 micron. I really want more but maybe I should hold off until I start spinning the stuff I already bought. I looked up moorit sheep online but all I can find is that it’s not very common.

updated to point out this site which says that moorit is something used to describe a genetically and physically brown fleece. It is a double recessive gene which means I just HAVE to call my fiber Mutant Fiber.

So all in all I did ok, I planned on shopping and had budgeted for more splurging but stuck with only the stuff that called to me.

As for the weekend, let me just say that spending 2 days with your mother and aunts and uncle can be exhausting. Nothing goes on schedule which drives me up the wall. I’m far from the most punctual person but when you have to sit around waiting for 45 minutes just to get picked up for breakfast and then take a detour to see a pier that none of us wanted to really see, then drive around for an hour or so before stopping for lunch…Then I got the wonderful news of ‘oh it’s too far to go back to the hotel to let you get your car so you can drive around by yourself’. I had been clear before we left my car at the hotel that I would be going to the yarn stores, no negotiation. Lets just say I was so fucking pissed I almost started crying in frustration and I’m not a person prone to crying typically.

So instead of being able to browse and chat in the yarn stores like I had hoped I either had company (TBF) or a car full of family waiting impatiently for me(BB). I never did make it to Urban Yarns like I had hoped.

This post is starting to get a little long so I will save what turned out to be one nonstop eating tour of Vancouver until next time. Let’s just say I come from a line of people who know how to eat.

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