Every now and then I will scroll through the search queries that bring people to my blog. Most of the time they make sense or at least relate to knitting/spinning/baking somehow. I just checked yesterday’s stats. Apparently if you type in “crazy lady clipart” you find me. And what is even more disturbing is that whatever truncated version of my blog shows up under that query is enough to make you want to click on the link.


I do have a few pictures to share though. First up the pastel death socks. Cascade Fixation in who knows what baby themed colorway it was.

pastel socks

Then the Monkey socks in Sockotta 363. Only 4 pattern repeats in the leg instead of the 6. Lets hope my cousin doesn’t mind that the color repeats aren’t even close to matching on these socks. In order to get the second sock to match the first I would have had to discard close to half the remaining yarn. Yeah like I’m going to do that.


And finally.. the tourmaline yarn.


All 8oz/850yds of it. I have to admit I’m proud of it and it will probably become a rectangular shawl/wrap of some kind.

I picked up some of the wonderful Fleece Artist Suri Blue at VY&T today. I think it is the Vintage colourway. I’m going to modify the mermaid wrap pattern they use for the SeaSilk and knit it in the Suri Blue. It’s a nice simple pattern that I think will show off the colours well.

I’m off to Vancouver BC tomorrow for a few days where I hope to make a little trip to Birkeland Bros and Three Bags Full just to check out what Canada yarn stores are like. Yeah that’s it, research…

 Oh and I might be trying to destash some of my STR soon, I have about 5 skeins right now and 1 or 2 might need new homes. I’ll keep you posted.