The two pairs of cousin socks are officially done. Yet there are no pictures. I’ll be sure to take some tonight since they will be exchanged for chocolates, cookies and tea on Monday. Anyone know which yarn stores in Vancouver BC I just HAVE to visit? Right now I have Birkeland Bros and Three Bags Full on my list since they are on the same street.

In other news, I finally can say I have spun some of my own roving. As weird as it sounds I started selling the stuff before I ever spun with it. I had 4oz of the merino/tussah silk that I dyed in orange,reds and purple (usual sunset combo) that I really liked and decided I didn’t want to sell it. So after splitting it into about 15-16 bundles I started spinning and oh my I LOVE the stuff. The silk makes it easy to handle such thin strips and the fibers are loose enough so that drafting is a breeze.

merino silk singles

Need to get a little closer?

merinosilk closeup

Isn’t it pretty? I still have to start the second bobbin and I think I’m going to have to practice my navajo plying for this one. I want to keep the colors distinct.

Remember this?

Well I decided to try for the real thing last night so after a quick stop at the home improvement store and a few hours later (with a break for dinner and other goofing around) I had this.


I picked up some 3 1/2″ nails, 1/4″ and 1/2″ 2ft strips of wood and some glue. I figured that rather than trying to drill perfectly straight holes through a thicker strip of wood I could do it through the 1/4″ wood, pop the nails in and glue that to the 1/2″ wood. I drilled 2 staggered rows of nails and when I glued them into place I clamped the ends together so they tapered. Who knows if that was a good idea, I just liked having them all come to a point. It may not be pretty but it works and for exactly $10.90 (with tax and enough glue leftover to make 15 more) I think it was a damn good solution.