I’ve now been tagged twice for the 7 random things meme so I guess I can’t ignore it anymore. Thanks a lot Deb and Annie!

1: I love Sharpies. I keep buying Sharpies. All colors of Sharpies. Everytime they would come out with a new color I would buy more. I’ve also lost as many Sharpies as I have bought but there was a time when it wasn’t unusual to open my desk at home and find 30-40 Sharpies in there.

2: I know I’ll be called a freak over this one. I HATE chocolate and peanut butter together. I like them individually (heck who am I kidding, I love chocolate) but for some reason the combination of the two makes me want to hurl.

3: Most spiders don’t bother me except tarantulas. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about them. I think it is because they are hairy. Something about hairy legged spiders scares the crap out of me.

4: I apparently find it hard to name 7 completely random things about myself.

5: I used to pull the tails off of geckos when I was a kid. I spent a few years in Brunei as a small kid and the geckos there (we called them Chichaks) were the small brown “house” lizards with the handy trick of detaching their tails when caught by predators. I found that INCREDIBLY fascinating. Combine that neat trick with the fact that their skins were so soft and it was impossible for me to not play with them. I also used to just sit and pet them too.

6: One of my favorite comfort foods is cut up hotdogs (the cheap kind, not the all beef variety) and instant noodles. Not just any instant noodles though, it has to be the Nissin instant noodles (chicken or beef) that I grew up with in Hong Kong. (not to be mistaken with the Nissan cup o noodles-ick)

7: I once took a roadtrip in college from Pullman WA to Santa Clara CA (1000miles) for the weekend to ride the rollercoasters at Great America. Left Friday around 5pm and got back Monday morning 3 hours before I had to be back at work. All for about 5 hours at a theme park. Good times.

There I did it. Now I’m going to break the meme rules and not pass it on. Nothing you can do about it 🙂