It was only a month or so ago when I brought home some wonderful Corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms. It was their Tourmaline colorway. Very pretty.

What started off as this….


Eventually became this….

Tourmaline singles

and tonight the lifecycle was complete and those singles became this…

Tourmaline yarn

I don’t have a yardage to share or a skein to show you because quite frankly after close to 4 hours of plying there isn’t enough liquour in the house to make me consider skeining this up by hand tonight.

I’m reckoning based on the feel of the yarn and what I’ve spun up recently that it is close to 800-900 yds in 8oz.  It’s around 18wpi which I think puts it right around fingering/sock weight.

This was my first time spinning anything over 4-5oz and boy was it hard. I started on 5/13 and up until this Monday I had only 2 3/8oz spun up but by some freakish show of determination I managed to spin the remaining 6+oz and ply in 3 days. Granted there has been no knitting movement at all since Monday but can you blame me?

Now the question is..make one mammoth skein or 2 normal sized ones?

6/1 Updated to say that the final yardage is ~850yds. Many thanks to my Mom who agreed to help skein before I finished telling her what I needed her to do 🙂 She pulled the yarn off the bobbin while I skeined. Made what might have taken 2+ hours by myself into something finished in less than 30 minutes.