The Pastel Barf socks are done! No pic yet because I just can’t stand them right now. I don’t know whether it was the fact I had to make them, the yarn or the color that bothered me most about them. Perhaps it is the perfect storm.

I have to say I seriously doubt I will ever knit with Cascade Fixation again by choice. While it made for an incredibly quick knit I just don’t like the texture of the socks. Maybe I’ve become a sock snob but I just didn’t care for them.

Of course since I knit these socks in lightening speed time (a total of maybe just over 2 days) I’m at a loss for what to knit next. While I have 2 more pairs to knit for the cousin (who I actually do like) I don’t want to spend the next couple weeks only knitting something for her. Dare I swatch for my sweater or cast on for Blu? Or should I just power through the socks and be done with them asap?

Right now I’m working on that Tourmaline pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms. 8oz sure takes a long time to spin when you are aiming for fine singles. I still have no idea what I will do with this, I would love to try navajo plying this yarn but we will have to see what it wants to be.