I just finished posting a few more items to the Etsy store, 2.5lbs in fact. There is still some left to dye but I decided that I needed at least 4 hours of sleep last night 🙂


Feel free to buy everything, I promise I won’t mind.

In other fiber news, I finally finished spinning the cranberry merino that I bought for my sister. I was at Weaving Works when I got the call she needed surgery (I won’t remind you what it was for since it is gross) so what could be more appropriate than getting some fiber to spin for her?

Sarah's cranberry

That is 4.5oz, 390yds of Ashland Bay Cranberry Merino. I think that works out to be about a heavy fingering weight. Now I just need to figure out what to knit with it. Something she can wear in LA when she moves down there this summer.

Also a while back you might remember the trip Sharon and I took to the Scary Farm. We decided we weren’t so frugal that we would try wash that fleece by ourselves and sent it out to Dawn’s Custom Carding. Sharon got it back last week and showed some serious restraint by waiting until Friday to open the box with me.

scary farm balls

I think she might have a before picture. I wound everything up into the balls so we could split the fiber. I’ve dubbed them Scary Farm Balls because I’m just not that imaginative.

The manly candy socks are on the home stretch, I might have them ready for a showing for tomorrow.