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Now I’m not normally a person prone to crying over the littlest things but a couple of old friends brought me to the edge last night (in a good way). Since I love baking and worked as a pastry chef for a few years I have fun with my friend’s birthdays.

In the past I usually go for themed cakes that suit the person. My friend Sheila has received a coffin (with her picture in it), a black kitty and several crown cakes. Cathie got a veggie garden one year and an elephant cake another year. Paul got a Paulopoly cake for his 30th with all the spaces changed into important events/things in his life. You get the idea. But I rarely get cakes made for my birthday. My mom will usually make something and last year my sister “made” one (my mom and I did a good portion of the work). I had come to the conclusion that my friends are afraid to even buy me a cake because of what I do.

Last night at dinner when the restaurant brought out a cake that Sheila and Cathie had made for me (two very non-cooking friends) it brought me this >< close to crying. It was nothing fancy, just a cake mix and tub frosting (which I have nothing against BTW) but I was so touched that they even tried that it was really hard for me not to bawl. They even tried their hand at decorating and drew some knitting needles and “yarn” although once they were done they realized it was in the wrong colors. Purple and Gold are not colors you put on a diehard Coug’s cake but it was so funny and sweet that they even made the mistake.

And of course this was after I had a wonderful high tea at VY&T with the usual knitting gang.  Sadly it was Sharon’s last Saturday with us before she heads out East to Philly for hopefully only a few years. If you live there and see an English taxi in town it’s probably her so wave and say hi!

I typically have friends that do very little in terms of gifts for our birthdays so I was thrown for a loop when presents made their way over the table to me. Thank you Ginger for the Twisted Sisters book, I will use it well. Thanks to Annie who got me some yummy smelling body butters..Mmmmm. Thanks to Sharon who gave me a handy little caddy for my dye bottles-she apparently felt my cardboard box method needed to be upgraded 🙂 Thanks to Terri who also got me the Twisted Sisters book that I think we realized could be returned and Color in Spinning could be ordered, and lets not forget the grocery bag full of spring/lime green Romney batts that she made for me. I’ve never spun from batts before so this will be fun.

All in all I had wonderful birthday celebrations with some amazing friends. I’m a very lucky person.

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