First up a little bundle of BFL that I dyed up for Bumblefee. Pink and pewter per her request.


It is making it’s way across the Atlantic right now.

Today was the first day of the Weaving Works Mother’s Day Sale. And those smart ladies there know that if they want to really make a killing they should make it a 4 day sale! So of course I had to go. After all it is my birthday tomorrow and you HAVE to buy yourself something right?

My grand plan to leave work at 3pm was nixed because well work kind of got in the way. But all was not lost. I managed to convince my coworker/fellow crafter person to come along with me (it helps when I’m her boss and I’m cool with her making up the hours next week). So we snuck out at 4.15pm, booked it over to BB&B where I bought the featherbed I had been eyeing (hey there is nothing that says you can’t buy several things for your birthday) and then sped over to WW to hit the sale.

ww haul

See I showed restraint!

Want a closer look?


6 skeins of Koigu!!! I’ve never bought or used Koigu before and when you realize how much sock stash I have that is a very odd thing indeed. I have no clue what the colorways are right now. I just grabbed while mumbling something that sounded a lot “oooh pretties!”


Colinette Jitterbug, color also unknown. I was standing by the Koigu and turned around and saw this on the other wall. It is very bright. It is very beautiful.

fluffy goodness

And finally 3.5oz of merino/silk/angora roving. Isn’t it pretty? I was showing Becky the yummy fibery goodness that they have in the back of the store and I touched this. I took what was left and didn’t even think to ask if they had any more. Oh well. This is getting dyed up tomorrow when Sharon comes over in the morning.

I showed restraint right? It COULD have been worse!