When I took apart the wheel last week I have to be honest and admit there was a little bit of nervousness. Would I be able to get is back in one piece? Would I have that dreaded one “I wonder where this goes” screw?

My fears were unfounded although there was that one random screw left until I realized it went with the orifice mount.

Last Sunday.



wheel v2

I know I know, it wasn’t a huge overhaul. It isn’t a candidate for Pimp my Wheel but oh in person it looks SO MUCH better. I decided against a stain and varnish and went with good old Tung Oil. I never knew it could make wood glow like that.

I had planned on having Annie work her painting magic on the treadle but patience is not a virtue I have ever been accused of possessing. When I realized it could be 2 weeks before I could put the wheel back together I decided against the artwork. Of course this was AFTER I tormented Nicki by waking him up and making him pose for pictures.

I cleaned up all the metal pieces since they had some gunk on them (years of dust and oil I imagine) and following those handy Ashford instructions online I put this baby back together.

And that annoying little catch I felt before? Gone! It might come back over time but for now it treadles like a dream. I also adjusted the length of that plastic joiner (I have no clue if it has an official name.). It was originally set at a really long length so it felt like I was having to put in a lot of movement just to get the wheel going. I don’t know if the 15mm measurement on the Ashford instructions is only for double treadle but we shall see how it works for me.

It just needs a name now. I put off naming it because I hadn’t put me into it yet. Now that I have I need a name.

Should I make this a contest? Offer up some sock stash for the winner?