First of all I wanted to show off the handspun that Sharon did. It’s from the orange and green radioactive silk hankies that I dyed for her a little while ago.

orange and green

The colors are actually much more vibrant in person, the photo doesn’t do the sheen justice either. I believe it is getting made into a summer bag during the long road trip to Philly. (I sure will miss her!)

I planned on doing so much this weekend but I only got halfway through one of my grand schemes. As some of you know I bought my wheel used and while it had been well taken care off it still needed a little TLC. So today I pulled out the hammer, screwdriver and whatever those Ikea tools are called and took it apart.





After spending about 4 hours taking it apart and sanding it down my original plan on taking it down to original unfinished bare wood was nixed. I’m sorry but I’m just not willing to put in that much elbow grease to get all those pesky curved pieces down to bare wood. While it may not look that much different in the end this gives me the perfect opportunity to clean all those moving parts. Taking the wheel apart revealed how gunky it had gotten.

So a quick trip to the hardware store, a little contemplating of a dark mahogany stain and finish and eventually I came home with a flask (?) of tung oil and some cloths. Sadly by then my elbows gave out and the oiling will have to wait till tomorrow.

Incidentally I had the most delicious dinner last night at the Market Street Grill in Ballard. If you are ever in Seattle I highly recommend the place. And Sunday nights they have the set $25 meal which includes a soup/salad, entree AND dessert. Can’t go wrong with that kind of deal!

Went with my best friend (who loved the Swallowtail shawl I made for her) to celebrate her birthday. While I don’t normally go all out when heading out for dinner sometimes you just need to. Started off with some fried calamari with this amazing cilantro salsa verde. Then a manila clam bisque with crostini and chive oil-drool… and finally a lamb sirloin with potato puree and creamed spinach. Amazing!


Oh and we finished off the night by heading down to the Ben and Jerry’s and getting some ice cream. It was a good night 🙂