Lets just say the urge to pull a Sally Fields and stand up in front of a room and say “You like me, you really like me!” hit me more than once today.

You are looking at the first 5 orders that were placed today! A very happy bouncy feeling has been with me all day.

Of course since I didn’t really expect anything to happen the first day I was foolishly unprepared. A 7am run out to Staples before work for shipping labels and leaving work at 3pm in order to rush home (had other plans for the evening that would have made shipping out tomorrow impossible otherwise). That there were 5 people out there willing to trust a newbie Etsy seller like me made me want to get their roving in the mail ASAP.

All I can say is thank goodness my sister was able to throw together a logo for me at the last minute and for once my impulse to shop in advance paid off. I had a whole ream of paper that I use for my catering that I love and will use for Dragonfibers as well.

Speaking of catering… I made yet another strawberry and whipped cream cake for a client. Same client. Wonderful woman but while I like this cake I don’t LOVE this cake. Or more correctly I don’t love it so much that making it 5 times in 6 weeks is something I want to repeat anytime soon. I may need to make myself a chocolate cake this weekend just because. Anyone want to come over?

I kind of think this cake looks like it has a bad case of the measles.

That is colored white chocolate that I tinted and stuck on the cake. Not my best work but the only parameters I had was ‘something fun with confetti or streamers’. Hopefully the birthday person likes spots!