Well ok by now it’s a sock toddler but you get the idea. I cast on with my Blue Moon Seduction yarn in G Rocks (thank you work for the gift card!) last week and using the new More Sensational Knitted Socks book I found the perfect pattern. I think it is the Crosshatch lace (p90 I believe). I wanted a pattern that could break up the pooling that I find Blue Moon yarns tend to do. So a pattern full of k2tog and YO’s should do the trick.
Manly Candy

In this photo the yarn actually looks darker than it really is. And that is why I have dubbed these the Manly Candy socks. While they may have been named after a guy (January One’s husband) I find the colors to be very candylike. The photo on the BMFA’s website looks nothing like what I have in my hands. Still very pretty though. I was going to call them Man Candy socks but figured potentially repeating that phrase more than once would garner some interesting web hits 🙂

I spent this last weekend dyeing up a storm, well actually all the dyeing happened on Sunday but that is beside the point. I now have pics of all the dyed fiber up on flickr.

The goal is the officially open the Etsy store by Friday. And then we will find out how stupid I am to even think about selling my stuff and how much fiber I’m going to be stuck spinning because no one will buy anything.

I won’t overload you with pictures here but if interested go and check out the photos HERE

I have my favorites and there are definitely ones I’m not satisfied with and that I know could have been better. All in all I think I did alright and hopefully enough other people think so too.

Oh and I’m taking suggestions for colorway names…