But I have two more colors to show you. The thought of dyeing more roving right now is almost enough to make me cry. I’ve pretty much decided that unless I am feeling really inspired on a weeknight any dyeing should be left to the weekend. Otherwise I just get too stressed out. The weeknights will be for knitting which I feel I have sadly neglected lately.

Ok onto the two pics. One is a repeat of the purple/grey combo that Ginger requested. Again in BFL.


And then there is the aqua and brown. I know I know, that sounds awful. I really wasn’t sure about those two colors but once it got done I actually kind of liked it. Probably not for everyone but not as ugly as I think it could have been. (and yes I realize that is hardly a ringing endorsement) 🙂


Weirdly as much as I feel like I have been dyeing this week I have only 4 braids of BFL, 3 of superwash and 2 bundles of pencil roving. Only 14 more to go. Sigh.

In knitting news, I finished one Tofutsies sock. While I like the finished fabric the yarn was a bit of a pain to work with. One of the plies liked to split which made short row toes and heels a serious PITA. And I was using pretty sharp size 0’s needles. I hate to think about the troubles I would have had if my needles were less pointy. The Knit Picks 0’s made for a really dense but soft sock, the pattern is not one I would have normally made but it was for a test knit. Sadly the twin will not be knit right away.

It isn’t a slam on the yarn or the pattern so much as it is a reflection on my need for a change. It feels like lately I’ve taken on several projects (the purple merino/tussah and the sock) that seemed like neverending tasks. While I liked working on both to a certain extent and definitely liked the end results I found myself dying for them to end. So I’m going to do something I vowed never to do again and that is to wait to knit that second Tofutsies sock until later.

Next project? One of those wonderful STR skeins in my sock stash NEEDS to become socks. If for no other reason I want some new socks to wear with my new shoes (which I bought just so I could show off hand knit socks).