As some of you may have noticed I have recently acquired a small amount of undyed roving. How much you ask? 6 freaking lbs. Want to know what that looks like?


That is 2lbs of BFL in front, then the 2lbs of superwash and in the back the 2lbs of pencil roving.

So what do I plan to do with all of that? Well the master plan started last night with 8oz of BFL and 8oz of superwash making into the steamer. Let me show you what became of that.

First the superwash.

pink/green superwash blue superwash

and then the BFL (which I am EXTREMELY happy with)

sunset bfl blue/aqua/yellow

For pictures of the whole braid click on the flickr album and they are in Yarn Porn.

I have to admit I love the results of last night’s dyeing session. While I like how easy superwash is to dye I am very excited over how nicely the BFL turned out.

Now I only have 5lbs left to dye and then I have to try and sell this stuff. (what have I gotten myself into?)