As you may have noticed from yesterday’s post I did a little dyeing this weekend. Well I finally have the last two skeins to show you. It is a bamboo/merino/nylon fingering weight yarn. Superwash merino too. Perfect for socks.

purple/grey pink/blue/purple

If you check out the pink/blue/purple image in flickr you can see how in the larger image the sheen of the bamboo really comes out.

This stuff is so incredibly soft to the touch and I will definitely be knitting with the purple/grey one soon. It sort of reminds me of WSU colors even though it is more purple than crimson. Oh well. Still so pretty. I’m not sure what to do with the second skein. It isn’t really my color and to be honest I’m not quite sure why I decided pastel pink/purple/blue would be good. It’s very girly.

I’m not allowed to buy more yarn to dye right now. I went a little crazy and now have 4lbs of roving in the works to dye.

What have I gotten into?