It has taken forever, or at least it felt like forever but the sherbet silk I hand dyed and then hand spun is now complete. I spent most of Saturday spinning up the rest of the mauve silk to ply with it and then figured why not ply right away. The silk got washed, weighed and measured last night.

Sherbet silk silk closeup

Now all I have to do is find a project for it. Completed yarn is 1.5oz and 193 yds.

While at VY&T yesterday Kim (their resident expert spinner) wandered over with a big ball of BFL that they just got in. In fact they got in both the white and the black. Drool. I’d never seen BFL before but I think I found a new love. Since Ginger missed out on the silk hankie dyeing she picked up 8oz with a request to dye it for her. I hope I got it right. (pic only shows a 4oz braid)

Gingers BFl

Since I liked that color combo so much I dyed one of the Twist skeins the same way.

Purple twist

I also dyed a blue/green Twist skein but I didn’t like the results nearly as much as the purple/grey.

green/blue twist

Right now I have the bamboo/merino blend marinating before I steam them later today. The Bare I received from my SP might have to wait until tomorrow because I’m out of color ideas and I want to use the yarn to make a Clapotis for myself. I mostly dye in a haphazard way but for that yarn I want to take my time and really think about the end result.