I got the most amazing package in the mail today. I think I really do show my juvenile side when I get mail because I ran up the stairs to open it right away. I barely paused to take off my shoes.

First off check out the awesome bag my SP knit for me.

Goodie Bag

It was knit with Peace Fleece in a color called Baghdad Blue and it is actually a little more purple than the pic shows. Boy was it heavy.

Easter candy

It’s like my SP sent me the Easter candy motherload. I have Starburst, Dove crunchy caramel eggs, Starburst jellybeans, an M+M easter egg… Seriously I’m now in candy heaven.

But wait there’s more….

Sneakie Pie package

I also got sent those super sticky large Post-It’s for helping me with charts and keeping track of my knitting notes. A really cool pouch from Guatemala to put my little notions in. And get this, some seeds!!! And not just any seeds..nope my SP actually sent me Kentucky Wonder Snap Pole Beans (she lives in Kentucky) plus some lemon cucumber and 2 kinds of lettuce. From one of my favorite seed companies too (Seeds of Change). I’ve now got 4 new organic AND heirloom veggies to plant in my P-Patch this year. One of the lettuce types is called Tom Thumb which is a miniature butter lettuce variety that you can serve whole! I love that. I’m a sucker for heirloom varieties that aren’t the standard veggies you would find at the supermarket. It is perfect timing too because I was going to be doing some work on the plots this weekend to get them ready for the growing season.

I known it is probably a little weird to be this excited over a package but I love it. The secrecy part of the SP is really cool, I probably could ferret out who Sneakie Pie is but I kind of like the element of surprise. I hope I get to find out who she is afterwards because she has been an awesome upstream pal. I can only hope her SP is treating her just as well as she is treating me.