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As some of you probably already know I broke my yarn diet quite a while ago. While it is quite pathetic I couldn’t go 4 measly months without buying yarn I think I broke it for some kickass yarn. A little while ago Artsygal started offering sock yarn and as a fan of her laceweight I just HAD to get some. I fell in love with the one she called Tartan, it reminds me of the Black Watch tartan. And I have very fond teenage girl memories of sighing over the Black Watch whenever they were in town… (don’t mind me while I travel back in time to when I was 16)

Then there was the pattern to use, I wanted something that really showed off the wonderful colors but didn’t get lost in the dark yarn. Then I remembered the Brenda Dayne Pembrokeshire Pathways pattern, yet another British element to these socks. It was on my list of socks to make one day even though it was cuff down.

Tartan Socks

Better pics to come when I have some daylight but I was so excited to get these finished I had to post right now.

I’ve got some Tofutsies that will be making it’s way onto the needles next.

In other news I got some undyed yarn from Wool2Dye4 today. I ordered on Saturday and it made it to me from VA to WA in less than 2 days! Just amazing. I picked up some bamboo/wool yarn and some licorice twist. Both should be interesting to dye up. Between the package today and the two big skeins of Bare my SP sent me I am set for one fun dyeing weekend. I already dyed up the rest of the silk hankies-will post about that tomorrow if I can.

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January 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 233 Total Weight:33.13lbs Total Miles: 27

February 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 213 Total Weight:30.09lbs Total Miles: 26

March 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 218 Total Weight:31.95lbs Total Miles: 27

April 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 217 Total Weight:31.45lbs Total Miles: 26.5

May 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 229 Total Weight: 33.8 Total Miles: 28.4

June 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 210 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.7

July 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 201 Total Weight: 30.5 Total Miles: 26.5

August 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 228 Total Weight: 34.0 Total Miles: 28.8

October 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 254 Total Weight: 38.2 Total Miles: 31.8

November1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 224 Total Weight: 34.9 Total Miles: 29.9

December 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 206 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.1


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