I am loving SP8. I’ve never taken part in an SP before because I never understood the whole appeal. But my SP Sneakie Pie is making my first experience wonderful. First I got yummy Mountain Goat yarn and candy and now I have a great dyeing kit (two skeins of fingering Bare and the Jacquard starter kit).

Sp package

I think you can forget how exciting REAL mail can be. Yes ok I love it when I get in a package of something I ordered but nothing beats getting something totally unexpected from another person. There is something really cool about opening a package that a person you may never meet in real life put together with you in mind. I think there is a moment of terror because you worry about how you appear to others followed by intense relief when you open it and realize that your SP put together the perfect package.

As for my downstream pal, I can only hope she is enjoying the packages I’ve sent nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve gotten.

Sneakie Pie–You Rock!