Don’t worry. I’ll wait till the end of the post to shock you with the colors. For now how about a slightly more sedate photo of the first Tartan sock in progress. This photo was taken Saturday night, the sock was finished Sunday but I’m waiting till the second one is finished before showing them in all their glory.

Tartan 1

It’s been so long since I’ve knit a sock cuff down that once I got to the heel flap I actually had to sit and think for a while. It’s also a good thing I tried on this sock while I was working on it. The yarn is surprisingly sproingy and I actually knit the foot an entire inch shorter than I would have because it stretched so nicely. I also took out the last few rows of the toe decreases. I found one little knot in my yarn that conveniently landed right in the middle of the sole so I cut the yarn and knit the entire row across the sole with 2 strands. Barely noticeable and much better than a knot. So far I am loving this yarn and the first sock weighed a whopping 33gms. With the skein weighing in at 110gms I think I have more than enough to finish that second sock šŸ™‚ Heck I could probably make some ankle socks with the leftovers!

I had the best of intentions to start the second sock tonight but I succumbed to the lure of silk and dye. You may have noticed the massive amounts of silk hankies that arrived at my door last week. Well I decided it was insane for me to hold on to all that because there is no way I could spin that fast enough to make a dent in the pile. About 5oz or so are on their way to Artsygal and then I offered up some to those folks who manage to put up with me every Saturday. I got color requests and I did my best to achieve them. The colors always look so dark when the hankies are wet but when you figure each layer is pretty thin I think the colors will turn out a little paler depending on how thin you spin.

First up Annie’s request of pale pink and green. The one where I realized that pastels are not that easy to do. No matter how much I diluted the dye I still ended up darker than what I had intended.

Then we have Terri’s request for sunset/grand canyon colors. Apparently my idea of sunset colors are REALLY vivid. (the yellow on the edges is missing from this photo)


And finally Sharon’s request for mandarin orange and kelly green. Aka Radioactive colors.


As you can tell I really have no idea what I am doing, I wasted lots of dye, had lots of fun and was really thankful I have a spare bathroom to do this all in. If you don’t like the colors please don’t feel like you have to take them. I promise I won’t be offended.