It’s not much progress but I had to take a picture of the sock now because a certain someone (Artsygal) kept bugging me for one.

I decided on the Pembrokeshire Pathways pattern and so far so good. I’m knitting these on 1’s instead of the 2’s suggested in the pattern but I like the tighter gauge. Plus the pattern is nice and stretchy although whether it is stretchy enough to fit around my fat ankles remains to be seen.

It feels good to knit socks again. I feel like I have stepped away from knitting lately with my obsession of spinning so I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. As much as I enjoy producing a yarn nothing seems to compare to that feeling I get when I finish a project. Maybe it’s because once it’s knitted it has become all it can be and yarn still has potential. Who knows.

All I know is I have the beginnings of a great pair of socks on the needles and all I want to do is stay home and knit them.