Artsygal sock yarn


Talk about a good mail day (almost made up for the nightmare that unfolded at work but I won’t go into that).

I got my Artsygal sock yarn in Moroccan Sunset and Tartan. Since I’m part Scot (by blood and birth) I think Tartan will make it to needles tonight. Pattern yet unknown. Reptilian Lace was suggested but I kind of like Pomatomus and maybe even Pembrokeshire Pathways. Who knows. Give me an hour to unwind, get a drink and we shall see what happens.

The second package came all the way from Yarnsource. That is 500gms of silk hankies. That is a lot of hankies. And no they aren’t all for me. $20 worth is going to make its way to Artsygal in exchange for the Moroccan Sunset sock yarn. All I know is I have a lot of silk to play with now.

Now I’m off to make some Twinkie Dogs for dinner because quite frankly I deserve it.