So after reading Ginger’s blog post about twinkie dogs I got it in my head that I just HAD to have one of those pans. Only it is apparently harder to find those things than you would think. I first checked the B B&B downtown, then I stopped by the Lynnwood one after tea at VY&T. Nothing. So like a freak I came home, hopped online and called the other stores in town. Bellevue has them. So tomorrow I am going to drive 15miles (according to mapquest) to pick up a stupid Twinkie baking set that they have on hold for me. I am seriously insane/obsessive/in need of a real life.

In other news, I frogged and restarted the Jester socks only to stop yet again. It’s the same yarn as my Anastasia socks and the same needles but I don’t like the way the thing is knitting up. The gauge looks really loose even though it is 7st/inch. I usually prefer a 7-9st/inch but these look really terrible. Time to frog again.

Since I was at Weaving Works yesterday when I got the call that my sister had to go in for surgery right away I thought it was appropriate to pick up a little something for her. So 5oz of Ashland Bay multicolored roving in Cranberry came home with me. She knits hats and scarves mostly so a skein of yarn (or a FO from me) will be a great gift. The surgery was a little freaky, luckily she went and saw a great doctor who specializes in cysts apparently and he was able to take care of it quickly. I’ve spent over 12 hours at the hospital in 3 days and I seriously think they should offer frequent parking passes or something. She is staying with me until at least tomorrow and is spending it hanging out on the couch doing as little as possible. Which is good.

And after last night I’m rethinking my idea of one day owning a big dog. Morgan (pit bull mix I think) spent the night on my bed and while I’m used to cats sharing the bed I didn’t realize just how much space a 65lb dog takes up. And moving a 13lb cat out of the way is easy. I’m off to take a nap where I will hopefully have at least a third of my bed to myself.