So I got this cool little email from Paypal offering me a $15 rebate on any order over $30 until the end of March (sorry invite only apparently). And since I am never one to pass up a good sale I hopped online to check out some online fibery stores that use Paypal. I have it down to two I think.

My first option is buying more roving. Susan’s Spinning Bunny has the multicolored roving that I am having so much fun with right now at a good price. And roving doesn’t break the yarn diet. However a LYS carries the same roving at very similar prices and I kind of prefer to support local businesses when I can.

Second option is saying screw the yarn diet and ordering yarn from Sarah’s Yarns. I bought a surplice sweater pattern a little while ago so I can finally knit myself a sweater and she has some JaggerSpun yarns that I can’t get locally that I am eyeing.

What should I do?