Swallowtail Fini

I now can tell you from experience that going to the ER (when you aren’t the patient) is wonderful for knitting progress. I was back at the ER this evening again since my sister was in pain again so from 6.30pm until 11pm I got to knit. Thankfully I was back in her room tonight instead of taking my chances with the crazies for a second night. We got to watch The Office and Scrubs and some new Andy Richter show while waiting for tests and doctors and the pain meds that never showed up.

They found something called a dermoid cyst which completely skeeved me out when the doctor described it. I mean hair?!? sometimes teeth!?!?! The good thing is they said it wasn’t uncommon and it should be an easy outpatient thing. For some reason her body really likes growing things that don’t belong there but I won’t go into her medical history here.

Back to the knitting. I got 4 whole hours to devote to finishing up swallowtail and boy am I glad it is done. I actually really liked the pattern and it was a fun and easy knit but I was ready for it to end. I still need to weave in the ends but I didn’t want to wait to block. At 12.27am it was officially blocked and drying.

Time for sleep. Better pics of Swallowtail to come.